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Custom Orthotics in Miami

Don’t Neglect Your Ankles and Feet

Do you need relief from seemingly constant ankle and foot pain? Do you suffer from discomfort and mobility issues? A podiatrist in Key West from the Southernmost Foot & Ankle Specialists can help you, proudly serving visitors and residents throughout the South Florida community with the best in ankle, foot, and lower body care for decades.

Our team brings board certification and a positive reputation in South Florida to the table for all of our patients with decades of combined experience in helping patients feel their best with a wide range of podiatric methods and approaches.

Residing at the forefront of technological advancements in podiatric care, we provide patients with traditional treatments and exciting new technologies to relieve pain and promote healing while helping get them back to doing what they need and love to do.

When to Consult with a Podiatrist

Our feet are the foundational base for the rest of our posture. Undetected and untreated issues in the feet can often have unintended and unforeseen consequences elsewhere in our bodies. 

Additionally, while some foot numbness or pain may not initially seem like a big deal, these symptoms commonly serve as indicators for other, more serious circumstances as time goes on.

Rapid diagnosis and efficient treatment remain necessary to help you get back on your feet as quickly and comfortably as possible.

The most common cause for patients visiting with a podiatrist in Key West from our team is pain or discomfort in the feet. Foot issues can also impact other joints in the body, like the ankles, legs, knees, pelvis, and the back, when left unaddressed.

Untreated podiatric issues can serve as the root cause of various problems that patients have ‘dealt with’ for some time. For this reason, visiting with a podiatric specialist remains a must for those who may not even know they have a serious problem.


Our philosophy has been that the patient always comes first.

Who Should Visit with a Podiatrist?

From Sports Medicine to surgery and wound care, our team from the Southernmost Foot & Ankle Specialists offers a complete selection of lower body, ankle, and foot approaches to help get patients operating and maximum efficiency and comfortable as quickly as possible.

Many patients are surprised to discover their sporty, marathon-running neighbor and elderly uncle visit with a podiatric professional like our doctors. Foot health remains vital at any age. The specialization can assist virtually anyone who suffers from pain, discomfort, or has questions about their health that our specialist team can answer.

People of any age or physical condition can seek a podiatrist in Key West to guide them or identify a potential problem.

Diabetic Foot Care

People with diabetes are more likely to develop symptoms like ulcers and foot infections owing to neuropathy and overall lack of sensitivity in their extremities. Treatment and guidance, frequent analysis, and rigorous follow-ups are necessary components of helping diabetic patients live their best lives.



Get emergency care from a specialist right from the start. Don’t go to an urgent care, ER or general doctor. Come straight the specialist.

Sports Medicine

Sports medicine is a branch of medicine that helps athletes monitor and optimize their physical fitness while aiming to treat and prevent injuries related to physical activity.

Different types of sports injuries require a variety of different treatments. Major injuries may require surgery, however, most do not. Common treatments include medication to relieve pain, as well as anti-inflammatory medication, proper rest and icing, physical therapy, and immobilization of the injured area.

More intense physical activities may leave patients at increased risk for certain injuries as well. This includes tendonitis, stress fractures or sprains, and problems like athlete’s foot and nail fungus.

Do You Need Assistance? | Podiatrist in Key West

Our team from the Southernmost Foot & Ankle Specialists aims to return you to the pleasure of pain-free walking, jogging, and shoe-wearing! Our team has the experience and qualifications to help you treat any of your foot problems while advising you on the best possible lifestyle choice you can adopt.

Our three locations spread throughout the South Florida community are beautiful, clean facilities intended to help our patients feel as comfortable as possible with their treatment, in addition to enhancing comfort with our staff.

From the moment you step through the doors of one of our facilities, we won’t treat you as another patient, we treat you as a member of our podiatric family. Visit with a podiatrist in Key West, Coral Gables, or Homestead that serves residents and visitors alike to beautiful and sunny South Florida and notice the difference.

To learn more about how a podiatric specialist from our team can help you feel your best on your feet, reach out to our team today for more information!

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