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Our state of the art facilities, fracture experts, and sports medicine specialist offers digital x-rays, laser treatments for fungal nails, pain and other conditions. We also offer the latest in treatment for Spider Veins, wound care healing and other injuries.


  • “I’ve been seeing Dr. Makimaa since 2013 for chronic foot pain. I’ve never waited longer than 5 minutes for my appointment and his staff is very professional and friendly. The surgery he recommended initially was done last December 2019. I wish I would have consented earlier as he has improved my quality of life immensely and reduced pain 100%. I will be having my other foot done as soon as I’m completely healed. Thanks again Dr. Brad!”–Darryl Foster – January 2020

  • “Great Dr. and wonderful staff. Treatment program kept me ahead of average recovery period. And lots of good guidance. Very grateful and highly recommend Dr Makimaa and his team.”–Joe Trippi – January 2020

  • “You don’t have to live with foot pain anymore!  Go see Dr. Makimaa! If you have plantar fasciitis, no need for all the gadgets- just get the laser treatment and get cured for good. I promise it works!”–Christina Mattheessen, The Cookie Lady

  • “Dr. Makimaa, 3 different times over the last 3 days your name has come up and I just wanted to thank you for taking excellent care of the people that I love. You truly are not just a great diagnostician, but your manner and conveyance are very comforting. This is what also makes you an exemplary doctor.
    Thank you, Brad for caring.”–Taz- Ironman, instructor and coach

  • “Dr. Makimaa performed a bunionectomy on my right foot. The surgical result is excellent, and I had no post-operative pain due to his well-placed nerve blocks. Post-operative care was first rate. His entire staff is professional, well-organized, kind and caring.”–Dr. Debbie Marks

  • “Dr. Brad Makimaa is the greatest! I have been seeing him for 14 years for various issues: Morton’s neuroma; plantar fasciitis with a fractured heel spur- left; great toe arthritis and a joint replacement surgery; 7 metatarsal fractures; partial rupture of the plantar fascia- right. He’s always patient, explains the issues and process well and if you follow instructions exactly you heal great! His staff is very professional but also friendly and caring.”–Dr. Sharon Ward

  • “Dr. Makimaa is the go-to foot doctor of the Florida Keys. Dr Makimaa has repaired me several times, but most noteworthy is readying me to qualify for the Boston Marathon at a time where my foot health was at an all-time low, I could hardly run at all and he helped me turn things around!”–Sue Cooper, owner Lazy Dog Adventures