Nonsurgical Care

Nonsurgical options explored first.

Southernmost Foot and Ankle Specialist doctors will always explore all nonsurgical options before recommending surgical treatment. As foot and ankle specialists with extensive postgraduate training, they are attuned to the latest advances in podiatry to give you the most sophisticated techniques available today.

Their gentle, nonsurgical treatments can improve your foot and ankle health while keeping your feet functional for all your daily activities.

Surgical Care

Should you require surgery, you need a proven expert.

When surgery is the best course of action, you will be glad to know that Southernmost Foot and Ankle Specialist is the educated choice of many area physicians.

Patients like their gentle state-of-the-art techniques that reduce pain and make surgery dramatically easier to undergo than most people expect. Many patients find themselves able to go back to work and continue their normal activities shortly after surgery.

And if you’re suffering from foot or ankle pain from a previous unsuccessful surgery, you should visit Southernmost Foot and Ankle Specialist. We perform conventional and advanced corrective procedures for previously failed foot surgeries.

From the most routine foot problem to the most complex cases,  you can trust our knowledgeable care.