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Press Release from APMA

Today’s Podiatrist is an expert in sports medicine. Podiatrists keep America active by keeping athletes of every age and ability on their feet and in the game. The foot and ankle are very susceptible to sports injuries, from blisters to repetitive…

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FDA approved Heel Pain laser Come in for FDA approved, non-invasive, pain free, FX 635 laser treatment proven to significantly reduce heel pain from plantar fasciitis in just three weeks. Request An Appointment Now 855-300-6685

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URGENT CARE FOR ALL FOOT AND ANKLE PROBLEMS Walk-ins are welcome! 7 Convenient Locations Call for an appointment today! 855-300-6685

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Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Heal with your own growth factors! The body has an amazing capacity to heal itself. When the body becomes injured, a natural healing process occurs to repair the damaged tissue. The body signals platelets and other components…

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